Big Brother 15 Updates: Friday drama   430pm BBT 6.28.13


A lot of peeps in or around the pool. Then we are sent up to the chess game. Helen is teaching Elissa chess. Cool chess set.

Sent to David and I think Nick on the double lounger. Nick states when people talk to much and to fast it gets them in trouble. Lot of mumbling and nothings. Nick says, I don’t know what he is going to do, but you are good. Nick tells him he wanted him to win it. he couldn’t he was sick to his stomach. Nick is repeating, people talk to much. The best game is defense. Nick says, its only day 7. Tells him don’t create a earthquake unless one is happening (wtf?)

{sidebar id=8}Hammock: Spencer talking to Amanda. He is telling her he doesn’t talk game with him. he thinks he is trustworthy. (maybe talking about McCrae?). she asks him who he is cloest too? He says Helen. She says the older ones . He says he is down with whatever she does. Talking about Crae, people making comments on his 2 wins. She says she likes Andy. He wants to know what the F is up with Nick.


Andy, Jeremy & Aaryn ( (arrgggg I can’t keep the blondes straight, they need name tags)

Jeremy is apologizing to her(not sure for what). She goes into the shower. Someone is blowing drying hair, cant hear.

Kitchen David and Gina. Scheming about something. Then Kaitlyn walks in, asks if they are talking about her when they stop. She says no. David tells her that Jessie thinks she is throw her under the bus.

Jeremy and Elissa are starting a bunch of Sh*t. Aaryn very upset that they are stirring stuff up that is not true. She is mad when she hears Jeremy in the shower and talking to Andy about her, when she is standing right there. Daivd had too much he leaves

They talk a few more minutes then leave.

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