Big Brother 15 Updates Candi Clown-Tanned Amanda 7:30PM BBT Saturday 08-03-13

Big Brother 15 Updates Candi Clown-Tanned Amanda 7:30PM BBT Saturday 08-03-13

7:00PM - 7:30PM BBT

Ellisa, McCrae, SPencer,Aaryn, Andy, Creepy Clown, Judd, Helen are all in the living room waiting for Candice to come from the DR fully dressed in her clown unitard.
Amanda is getting ready for her spray tan.  Camera 3 switchs to GinaMarie alone in HOH with her cone around her head and didn't go down but is watching on the HOH screen.
In the living room its mostly chatter about Candice's clown outfit. Candice has a rainbow coloured wig, a red nose that squeeks, the unitard is a little big so they are going to fix that and make it smaller. Oneside is yellow,
the other side is blue. Her shoes are yellow with coloured dots.

Feed flips to the lounge where Amanda is in a blue robe wait for her first tan session, Aaryn, Spencer, Andy, McCrae, Judd, Ginamarie are all waiting...just chatter.
Andy and Ginamarie head up to HOH, Ginamarie tells him she cant stand Candice, she sucked coming out as a clown. Andy and gets into the HOH bed Ginamaire with the remote they are going to watch the HOH screen.  Andy asks her is she is for sure putting up Spencer she said yes, I'll explain it to him later...feed switches to LR.

Musics starts playing to signal Amanda's first spay tan...everyone gathers at the backyard door. The backard opens the all go out.
They find a blue both setup for Amanda tanning session everytime the music plays. Amanda thinks she will have to do it 50 times.
We get fish.
Feeds come back shortly showing the spa washroom door, I believe Amanda is in the washroom getting her swim suit on and hair net.

Everyone is waiting in the backyard for Amanda to return.
She returns in a white bathing suit puts on her goggles and gets in the blue booth, a mist starts spraying out...it's like a orange colour.  She is allowed to dab it with a towel when she gets out...its very blotchy and dark orange.

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