BB15 Updates "Jessie and Andy get bloody" 10:30-11:00 AM BBT Thursday 7-25-13

BB15 Updates "Jessie and Andy get bloody" 10:30-11:00 AM BBT Thursday 7-25-13

Kitchen: Judd screams out that the eggs and bacon are ready for breakfast.

HOH Room: Jessie is sitting in bed with Judd. Helen is still running around the house. Judd is starting to tell Jessie about he was being pestered by Amanda all night.

Photo Booth Room: Helen is talking with Andy. She says that if they get to the final 7 they need to go against Amanda and McCrae.

HOH Room: Judd tells Jessie that it is her decision who for who will go home. Judd says that he doesn’t think he can tell Caitlyn that she is going to go home. Jessie says that she doesn’t think Judd ever got HOH-it is. Andy comes in to sit down with them. They laugh over some of the goings on this week. Judd is trying to figure out what he can keep from this week. Andy says that he doesn’t trust Elissa at all. Judd says that Elissa needs to go home before Aaryn. They say that the only way Aaryn could go home this week would be if Howard, Spencer or Elissa wins the HOH competition. Andy says that he doesn’t think the first 3 weeks could have gone any better.

Helen is still running. These may be the only 4 houseguests awake at this point and time. Andy says that he has taken his last cold shower. They say if they will HOH they are going to get some serious blood on their hands. McCrae is called to the DR.


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