Big Brother 15 Updates “McCrae plans Proposal” 4:30 PM BBT, Wednesday, 7-17-13

Judd is called to the DR. Andy and Jessi move to the hammock leaving Spence and GM. GM is annoyed so she goes inside.

Jessi and Andy are discussing Kaitlin saying Jessi is in an alliance with Howard and Spencer.  They just talk about getting Howard out. Andy says Jeremy keeps coming and asking how it is coming to keep him and I just smile and say I haven’t heard anything, I really should say it is not looking good.  GM comes out side so she heads to the hammock too.

Elissa and McCrae are talking about Amanda’s ring size. It sounds like McCrae is going to propose he either made a ring or he was given a ring. Elissa tries it on and it fits, they are super excited. McCrae leaves and hides the rings.

Back outside GM, Andy, and Jessi are talking about the $500,000.00 and what they would do with it.  Jessi and Andy get up, Jessi is going to take a shower Andy needs to get out of the sun.

Inside Howard is making a sandwich.

Candice and Helen are in the HOH bathroom. Candice is combing out her fake hair. GM comes up and says I was just going to do that, and runs down to get her fake hair.

McCrae says Andy you are probably big on the feeds. (He pops up everywhere we don’t have a choice.)  Andy leaves and goes inside. Judd comes out and sits with McCrae.

Kaitlin and Jeremy are in the hammock. (I thought Ian won that hammock, as in he got to keep it.) Kaitlin says Amanda and McCrae are going to throw the competition they’ll wait fot Howard to drop and then they are going to drop. They begin to kiss. (OK TMI) Kaitlin asks if he has spoken to Aaryn he says a little, she says aaryn is being shady. Kaitlin doesn’t like Elissa and wonders why she is still here, over other people. Jeremy says I don’t get it, she sucks the right buttholes. Kaitlin says I hope they vote you back in. He says I am not out yet.  (Back to kissing.)

{sidebar id=8}McCrae and Judd are talking about Howard and that he is scary, they  need to get him out.  I don’t even care about a girls alliance, the girls are smart but they go after each other. Howard has influence and controls religion and he has followers.

Helen, Andy and Amanda are in the parlor. Amanda is talking about Kaitlin going after Howard and Spencer if she got HOH. That would put the blood on her hands. Amanda says Jeremy is desperate, Andy say he is going to do and say whatever he can. Amanda says Howard is the biggest threat, do you think Elissa would put him up if she wins? Helen says yea she said she would. Amanda says is she just saying that? Helen says I don’t think so.

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